A day school has full-day programs

This is an optional study pattern. Children opting day schooling arrive at school with day boarding students. But, they leave the school when the classes are over by afternoon. Such students may carry their lunch boxes along with them. Students who don't want to stay up late in the school and study with the help of teachers may opt for this. However, there will be no separate syllabus or evaluation process for day schooling students. They are to study the course up to the standard fixed by the school authorities.

The transportation facility is available to them in the morning and afternoon. However it is very important that all day school students to study the curriculum up to the expected standard. It is the duty of the parents to get their ward completely involved in studies at home after they left the school. Private tuition will be of no use to the students because the school is adopting a very different study pattern by identifying the capability of each student.

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