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Holy Angel Public School with all its might welcomes you. HAPS is a kind of school with an innovative vision in the field of education and personal excellence. Remarkably, HAPS adheres to the very basic purposes of an international standard of Education. HAPS is heading towards a deviation from the conventional system of education. This, however, doesn't mean any departure from the actual teaching and educational practices.

The fundamental concept of the school is to reduce the generation gap in the entire field, by the time the students get matured and enter into the practical aspects of life. HAPS is the new meaning to a new dimension of education pattern. HAPS is not just a school. It is a place where the cradle of wisdom lies. It is a place where the children learn more practically about body, mind, world and the scientific developments. All the basic concept of education is cocooned to capture the mantle of human philosophy and its existence.

The school understands the importance of coeval maturity. The salad days are carefully monitored and moulded to bring out the most efficient person in a student. This study concept is practiced from the very primary level itself. We make the children vie, whiz kids and boisterous. It is an abode for the children. We make our children to hoopla their future ambitions. That is what HAPS stands for

Statement of HAPS

Mission Statement

The School is managed by BISHT EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE SOCIETY (Reg.) All the directors of the society have innovative vision in the field of education. All of them are young blood and vibrant. The society aims at the overall development of the public of Almora and the surrounding places. The incredible experience of the people of the society is their greatest asset. All the directors have well set up business establishments in Delhi in the field of Education, Information Technology, Law and Career Development. They have close association with eminent National and International experts in the field of education who have guided them throughout the enterprise. Focus on modern system of education as well as new career requirements moved them into the right step.

Goal Statement

Our aim is not just to create another face in the crowd but to nurture each student in to developing a personality which has the resolve to do the nation proud. Love, tolerance, brotherhood, humanity, patriotism, sensitivity to the environment, nationalism, courage to bear the life’s contingencies and to take up cudgels on behalf of the under privileged are the hallmarks of our students. HAPS endeavors to provide a genuine and holistic education in a stress free environment where students are inculcated with a spirit of enquiry. We not only train them to find challenging careers but also to face the complexities of life.



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